What makes Saitama such a fun hero to cheer on

A One-punch man is a great superhero satire that can deliver endless laughs and amazing action sequences at any time. The series subverts many popular tropes that are common in superhero stories, constantly playing things up in ways you wouldn’t initially expect. Much of what makes One-punch man so successful is the sympathy and popularity of its modest protagonist; Saitama.

Saitama is an incredibly unassuming character and not one that viewers would expect to wear in a series at first glance. Its extremely simple design and calm demeanor don’t exactly match the flashy, passionate leads that typically populate shonen and seinen stories. This, of course, is part of what makes the series work so well and allows The man with one fist A dry buffoonish humor to shine in the most absurd scenarios.


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Saitama compared to other protagonists


There are a lot of secondary and supporting characters in One-punch man who seem to fit the mold better than Saitama. Genos, Tatsumaki, and even Charanko all feel like they would make better leads given their presence in the narrative. Saitama’s lack of impact is also not lost on the characters in the series itself, and his simple appearance and unremarkable demeanor are often commented upon. But as with most story elements, this stark contrast is played to make The man with one fist comedic scenes all the more impactful.

A typical shounen or seinen protagonist might be energetic, have a strong sense of justice, have a stoic demeanor, or anything else that evokes a sense of awe or awe in the viewer. Saitama doesn’t fit any of the typical character archetypes except for his monstrous, comical strength.

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While he spends his time being a hero, Saitama is more concerned with making ends meet than living up to high ideals. He may seem stoic at first glance, but he’s truly aloof in most matchups due to his incredible strength advantage over nearly every opponent he faces.

Although he’s been played comically for most of the series, Saitama has a number of good qualities that are touched on throughout the story. Like most protagonists, Saitama is incredibly humble despite his incredible strength. Rather than being fixated on his reputation like many other professional heroes, Saitama is more concerned with challenging himself, a characteristic many anime fans are used to seeing in their series. While there are a number of things that set him apart from the other leads, Saitama still makes for an interesting if unassuming lead.

An easy-going track for an easy-going series


Saitama sees things differently than most people around him. While the world around him seems to operate with the sense of urgency and high stakes one would expect from a superhero series, Saitama is much easier to live with in critical situations. The potentially devastating events that unfold rarely seem truly disastrous, as fans know that once Saitama is involved, the conclusive punch line isn’t too far away.

One-punch man is primarily a satire, and Saitama’s super-powered physical strength is a great way to undermine any sense of drama and tension the series creates. Victory is essentially guaranteed in any confrontation, but the narrative remains interesting and the comedy consistently lands regardless of the repetitive predictability. While the rest of the cast might take it seriously, audiences are inclined to follow Saitama’s lead and enjoy the absurdity of each storyline while eagerly awaiting the hilariously disappointing conclusions of each showdown.

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