What would happen if Saitama ate monster cells in One Punch Man

To understand what would happen if Saitama ate monster cells in A punch, we must first have a clear definition of what monster cells are. Second, Saitama himself must be examined in order to come to a true conclusion.

The world of One Punch Man is inhabited by heroes, villains, humans and monsters. They all have a part to play in this series as they all strive to achieve their own goals no matter the circumstances.

One cannot simply discuss the danger of this world without looking through the darkness and the passion it represents. Light as it is, the show itself is a contender for darkness.

A look at the monster cells in A punch

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Monster Cells are flesh-like drugs that can enhance a human’s physical and mental abilities. They transform into monsters, which possess greater strength than ordinary humans. However, their previous strength depends on the strength of their then-monster. If someone is already physically strong as a human, they will be ten times stronger than a monster.

The more negative aspects of their personality take over and they can acquire sadistic tendencies that border on bloodlust. They seek to destroy anything that breathes at this point. Humans with weak wills can become animal-like beings, unable to move or think intelligently. Essentially, they will become beasts, with nothing else in them.

On the other hand, those who possess strong will have the ability to switch between their monstrous and human form. This is an incredible feat, as most hybrids are unable to accomplish such a thing.

However, the use of this drug has drawbacks. They can’t get any stronger no matter how much training they can get, nor will their sadistic tendencies be curbed.

A deep dive into the characteristics of the protagonist Saitama

Saitama is a very powerful human who can knock out opponents with a single punch. He is still bored with life because of such an achievement and therefore does not take life too seriously.

Saitama possesses terrifying physical strength that surpasses ordinary humans. His blows, whether weak or strong, can kill any monster or man.

He even countered the roaring cannon of Boro’s Collapsed Star. It was an incredible feat, considering it’s a lauded move for ending multiple worlds at once. And yet, Saitama never sweated.

How would monster cells affect One Punch Man’s Saitama?

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Looking at this from a logical perspective would essentially make Saitama a deity, consumed by bloodlust and destruction.

His abilities will be greatly enhanced and he will have some super powers to really enhance his chaotic powers. He may have the ability to fly or shoot lasers from his eyes, which is a terrifying possibility.

He would be determined to destroy the world, but no one could stop him because his powers exceed those of everyone else, even though he is only a man. His supernatural powers can give him the ability to go to another planet and destroy it once he is done with earth. It would probably continue on other planets in the solar system. Essentially, he would become a god of destruction in A punch.

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