What would happen if Saitama hit himself?

Given the very nature of A punch, one can come across many hilarious discussions happening on forums such as Reddit and Quora. Saitama, the series’ protagonist, is one of those characters so overpowered that no villain has managed to pique his interest so far.

Its strength in A punch is unrivaled and, as the name suggests, he is capable of knocking out anyone with a single punch. As such, it’s no surprise that fans have often wondered what would happen if Saitama ever knocked himself out.

A punch : Can the Caped Baldy survive his own punch in the show?

The community has some interesting views on this topic, all backed up by solid reasoning as well. While some have attempted to explain how the storyline would unfold based on events that have already unfolded in A punch, others have taken a more rational and scientific route in their explanations.

A fan brought up the case of Saitama battling one of his toughest opponents in the series so far – a mosquito. Despite Saitama’s many impressive feats, the Caped Baldy was ultimately humbled by the bug.

Given how frustrated he was, it’s safe to say he really wanted to kill the mosquito. At one point, the protagonist of A punch even slapped himself. Although he gave himself a massive red mark, he generally seemed unaffected by it, suggesting he could probably take his own punch as well.

Fan's explanation of Saitama's ability to withstand his punch (image via Quora/Abhimanyu Susobhanan)
Fan’s explanation of Saitama’s ability to resist his punch (image via Quora/Abhimanyu Susobhanan)

Then there was a more scientific approach: given our anatomy, our arms are able to produce more force when hitting someone in front of us. If we move our arms inward in an attempt to hit each other, it produces less force. Also, our brain would reactively reduce the force if it realized we were hitting ourselves – meaning Saitama would probably never be able to hit himself at full power, and thus be able to survive his own punch. fist.

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However, this should all be taken with a grain of salt since the article only explored some of the theories put forward by fans of One punch man.

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