Why is Saitama so calm about most things?

Due to the perfect combination of high level action mixed with comedy, A punch has become one of the most gripping animanga series, where the protagonist, Saitama, often contributes a majority of hilarious interactions and situations.

This is mainly due to his boundless strength and nonchalant attitude towards whatever happens in life. Every fan knows how lifeless Saitama is because there is nothing left to excite him. Fans wonder why the Caped Baldy is never motivated and shows almost no emotion.

The world of A punch is filled with monsters that threaten the existence of human beings. In a world like this, one would generally be worried. However, this is not the case with Saitama. Let’s examine why this is the case and better understand Saitama’s attitude.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the One Punch Man manga.

A punch : Exam specific events to understand Saitama’s vision of life

If we watch the first episode of A punchthere is a big difference in his behavior compared to when he became a hero.

Before becoming a hero, Saitama not only had a full head of hair, but he also displayed a range of emotions. This was seen during the fight against Crablante when he saved the ball-chinned kid from that monster. He was motivated, excited and passionate about becoming a hero. These feelings were the driving force behind his grueling training period.

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However, things changed when he became a hero. By then, Saitama had gained unparalleled strength and could defeat villains with a single punch. Any fighter or hero would want to find ways to improve their skills. The only way for a person to improve in a particular area is to constantly face situations that challenge them and push them beyond their limits.

After Caped Baldy’s training period, no monster has challenged Saitama’s limits. The only character who managed to leverage Saitama’s strength to any considerable degree was Garou.

In the association of monsters arch of A punch, God intervened and granted Garou powers that no other monster possessed. Saitama was forced to use several serious streak moves, which didn’t work on Garou. However, after persisting, the former Hero Hunter realized there was nothing he could do to beat Saitama because of two critical points – the latter’s limitless potential and constant growth.

#OnePunchMan Saitama is unlimited and he can use Garou’s copy technique and he time traveled 😅 even the sun couldn’t damage him 🐐 https://t.co/fO1bvX2xxh

When a character reaches such levels of strength, there is nothing to challenge or worry about. These circumstances are important factors that explain Saitama’s calm. The protagonist of A punch got to a point where nothing concerns him anymore.

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