Why is the price of Saitama Inu parts skyrocketing today?

Saitama Inu SAITAMA/USD was trading up 39.4% at $0.000000112 24-hour late Thursday night.

What’s moving? The cryptocurrency rose 23.8% over a seven-day period. Trading volumes in Saitama increased by 194.9% to $95.77 million at the time of 24-hour publication.

The altcoin gained 38.7% against Bitcoin and also jumped 35.7% against Ethereum in the past 24 hours.

The token is down 84.7% from its all-time high of $0.00000075 in September.

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Why is it moving? Saitama’s gains go hand in hand with the gains of major cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin DOGE/USD and Thursday night as the global cryptocurrency market capitalization hit $2.85 trillion.

Saitama describes itself as a community-focused ERC-20 token and launched in May. The brand was inspired by the legend of a mysterious “ghost dog” that roams the mountains of the Saitama region in Japan.

The project behind the token plans to develop Saitama’s own ecosystem, including a marketplace, smart wallet, NFT-based launch platform, and multi-channel content platform.

The Saitama community, which calls itself the “Wolf Pack”, retweeted a message on Thursday saying that the token now has 200,000 holders.

Congratulations to our WolfPack family our 200,000 holders!! Now the Vegas event is coming!! Let’s make this price our lowest Fam #SaitamaWolfPack #200kHolders #SaitaMask #NewATHcoming #cryptocurrency pic.twitter.com/aEYP4KdgvY

— Nam Tran (@Ntran1234) November 12, 2021

Saitama also said it is holding an “ask me anything” session with the token’s developers on Thursday regarding the coins that will feature on its SaitaMask smart wallet which will launch on November 13 on Saturday.

@PackSaitamawolf @InuSaitama We will do a live AMA with the parts list on the saitamask in an hour on @SteveRC_SAITAMA Youtube channel. Please join us! @LuffyInuToken @WaiferCoin @DekuInuOfficial @TsuzukiProject

— Saitamaguru (@Saitamaguru1) November 11, 2021

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