Why Saitama is the Strongest Anime Character

While many shounen anime series boast of powerful beings, Saitama from One Punch Man is the strongest anime character due to his gadget alone.

When discussing the strongest anime character to date, One punch man’s Saitama is still near the top of the list. The artist ONE’s A punch tells the story of Saitama, a superhero at the height of his powers who can defeat any opponent with a single punch. Throughout the immensely popular anime’s history, Saitama seeks to find a worthy opponent after growing weary of a lack of challenge due to his overwhelming strength within the supercontinent Earth.

A punch received critical acclaim and praise for its cutting-edge animation, humor, and lively fight scenes. In particular, the series’ continuous hits on the shonen the anime style has landed universally with critics, who cite its unique premise of an overpowered satirical protagonist as a very refreshing concept. Saitama’s seemingly infinite yet nonchalant powers mock other super-powered anime characters that primarily characterize the genre.


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This is exactly why Saitama is the strongest anime character, with his one-punch gadget that proved unbeatable in any situation despite the lack of seriousness surrounding his storyline. Saitama’s power level in A punch essentially scales to respond to the size of the threat it faces, which means it’s not only canonically untested, but also inevitably empowers any character it faces. While Saitama’s famous punch and imperviousness make him incredibly powerful, it’s also his ability to defy logic that results in unbreakable plot armor and, therefore, an unbeatable character.

There are definitely other nigh-omnipotent anime characters across the shonen the illustrious history of the genre that should be included in this conversation. In all dragonball universe, Goku is one of those fighters whose most recent Ultra Instinct form allows him to beat any opponent, as long as he is not prevented from using this newly acquired power. There is also Akira‘s Tetsuo Shima, who can create and destroy reality at will, making him arguably one of the strongest characters in the anime medium to date. Childish deity Zeno of Dragon Ball Super must also be in the equation here, given that Zeno canonically destroys many realities for his own entertainment on a whim.

Again A punchSaitama can simply defeat all of these near-immortal opponents with his patented unique punch technique. Saitama’s character nature is inherently set to automatically be better than anything he faces, meaning he literally possesses unlimited power in any given situation. Saitama being written as a super-powered parody means that his character translates into an unbeatable strength that subverts even the most godlike characters’ powers and makes them seem useless against him.

There is also the impending notion of Saitama A punch plot armor granted to him by anime creator ONE. The artist previously stated that “Saitama is the strongest character and will be forever, there’s nothing he can’t defeat with one punch“, which essentially draws a line under the strongest anime character debate. Essentially, then, the whole message of the A punch anime is that Saitama is the strongest superhero that has ever existed, is, or will be at any time. A punchThe narrative confirms that there can never be a character stronger than him, which means that if Saitama were dropped in another anime setting, he would inevitably be the strongest entity that exists in that canon. Other aforementioned characters like Goku and Zeno are undoubtedly powerful and at the peak of their power, but Saitama’s limitless ability to warp any scale of power in his favor, be it in A punchThe timeline of or not, means he is unquestionably the strongest anime character there is.

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