How did Saitama break his Limiters in One Punch Man?

Saitama, the protagonist of A punch, is the strongest character that has been introduced in the shonen anime and manga series so far. Ever since fans witnessed his strength against some of the most powerful villains, they’ve started to wonder about his source.

Besides the source of his strength, the A punch the fanbase wants to understand if the Caped Baldy broke his limiters. This article attempts to identify its limiters. He tries to figure out how he managed to break them as well as when he did it and if he did it at all.

How did the Caped Baldy break the limiter in

A punch ?

It’s a very difficult analysis to pull off simply because the series doesn’t specifically mention Saitama’s Limiters. Initially, the Caped Baldy was an ordinary human being who was extremely vulnerable and wanted to be a hero for fun. However, what really surprised everyone A punch fanbase was his training regimen that earned him his superhuman strength in the first place.

Some Reddit fans have already taken part in discussions regarding Caped Baldy’s Limiters. One way to understand them is to compare the character to someone like Garou, who is one of the strongest antagonists Saitama has faced so far in the series.

A variable tied to a character’s limiter is talent. Saitama is far less talented than someone like Garou since the latter has been confirmed to be a fighting prodigy. This was seen when he fought Bang during the association of monsters bow.

Therefore, fans feel that Saitama may have broken his Limiters at some point during the early stages of the series. Some of them believe that you have to be exposed, or rather be in a life-threatening situation to break through your limiters. However, it makes more sense to view the aforementioned situation as an enabler and not as a minimum requirement.

Saitama’s training regimen of 100 push-ups, 10 kilometer runs, 100 sit-ups, and 100 squats gave him superhuman strength. And it would be hard to understand when he broke his limiters because ever since Saitama lost his hair, he’s become ridiculously strong.

It is very likely that the protagonist of A punch was able to break his limiters simply because of the intensity of the workout routine, considering this is someone who clearly struggled against someone like Crablante.

This is one of the most likely explanations for how he broke his limiters. Some fans might say that breaking such low limiters resulting in such high power levels doesn’t make sense. However, it is important to remember that A punch is an animanga gag series, and therefore not everything has to make complete sense and adhere to logic.

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