Saitama Loses His Strongest Form Before Chapter 171

The A punch fanbase is extremely happy with how the association of monsters arc progressed in the series. There’s no doubt that this is the best story arc the series has covered so far in the manga. One of the highlights of this story arc is the fight that took place between Saitama and Garou.

The Hero Hunter has undergone multiple transformations and has steadily grown stronger throughout the chapters. The final showdown between the two showed just how strong Saitama is, as Garou was the only character in the whole thing. A punch manga that pulled Caped Baldy’s powers to that extent.

That being said, Saitama seemed to have lost some of his powers recently in the manga series. Let’s take a look at chapters 168 and 169 to see how it turned out.

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A punch : Understand how Saitama weakened in the manga

If we look at chapter 168, the two were clashing on Io, one of Jupiter’s moons. While it looked like Garou was capable of pushing Saitama to his limits, we realized the Caped Baldy was much stronger than we had anticipated. Two very important points were highlighted aside from the fact that Saitama miraculously launched Garou’s portals. The first thing that was pointed out was that Saitama’s potential was limitless. Second, he was constantly growing even though no one was strong enough to tap into his true potential.


The reason Garou was able to observe Saitama’s growth was because he was the only one strong enough to draw Saitama’s power. Garou did a great job in that he was the only opponent able to withstand not one, but multiple moves from Saitama’s serious streak. However, after giving up against Saitama, he saw what happened to Tareo and realized all his misdeeds. In an attempt to fix his mistakes, he placed his trust in Saitama and taught him his ultimate technique, which allowed Saitama to time travel.

Saitama was not only able to time travel, but he also reversed the causality rate. The A punch The protagonist felt a lot of guilt when Genos was killed. He believed he lacked the sense of timing that any good hero has to save people. When Saitama returned to the original timeline in Chapter 169 of A punch, Genos appreciated Saitama for saving the heroes in no time. However, the most important thing in this chapter was that Saitama had no memory of time travel, or how he managed to do it in the first place.

#OnePunchMan Chapter 169 SPOILERS

– Genos is the only one who knows what happened thanks to the memories of the core.
– Everyone wanted to kill Garou, but King’s engine silenced everyone.
– Garou fleeing the scene.
– Metal Knight came to start the fallout elimination.

The Caped Baldy, who was already the strongest character in the series, became much stronger after learning how to time travel. But, upon reaching the current timeline, Saitama lost his ability to time travel, an ability only Genos now remembers due to his core being replaced. So, this is how the Caped Baldy weakened in chapter 169 of One punch man.

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