Why Saitama & Fubuki’s Ship Is Gaining Ground Ahead Of Season 3

Saitama and Fubuki are among the best-known characters in the A punch series, and fans are excited to see these characters interact in the third season. These two characters are often “shipped” by the entire fan base. Those who haven’t read the manga discovered this new character when she attempted to get Saitama to join her faction.

However, she was surprised to see an S-class hero calling Saitama her master and their fight against Speed ​​o’Sound Sonic. Fans will learn more about Fubuki in the third season as she and Saitama interact a bit more, slowly revealing her personality on the show.

Fans think Fubuki and Saitama make a great pair as Murata and ONE dropped slight hints during the webcomic and manga. Let’s take a look at some examples from the manga that will be featured in the upcoming season to understand why these two are considered a good pair by the A punch fan base.

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A punch : Understand why Fubuki and Saitama are dispatched by the fanbase

The fanbase may be a bit split on this as some fans don’t understand why the two come in the series. This question makes sense because, so far in the anime, they haven’t interacted much.

Another reason fans want to understand why they’re being shipped is Saitama’s attitude. We know Saitama is oblivious to a lot of things, and we didn’t really see him interact with a woman until Fubuki was introduced in the series.

One of the main reasons why the A punch fandom ships both characters because Saitama is the main character and Fubuki is an attractive woman who has interacted with him.

Sometimes the reason can be as simple as this when dispatching two characters who haven’t expressed interest in another character as a romantic partner.

The restaurant incident in One Punch Man chapter 87 (Image via Murata/Shueisha)

Another reason fans love these two as a couple is because of their hilarious interactions. One such incident happened when Saitama was dining at a restaurant and didn’t have his wallet on him. However, Fubuki spotted him in the restaurant and accompanied him.

The A punch protagonist was quick on her feet and decided to order fries for her. Fubuki was quite happy when it happened. But it turns out the Caped Baldy only did it so he could pay the bill when he had to chase after Garou, who also escaped from the restaurant without paying for his food.

Apart from that, Fubuki had also expressed interest in spending time with Saitama’s group when Dr. Kuseno brought good quality meat to Saitama’s house as a token of appreciation.

A Redditor also uploaded an image showing Fubuki and Saitama being close, suggesting that the mangaka may also have a hand in dispatching these characters.

These are just a few reasons why anime fans only A punch are excited to see how these two characters interact in the show’s third season.

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