One-Punch Man will prove if Saitama can beat his version of the Hulk

Garou’s new bonus in the final chapter of One-Punch Man shows that his next big fight will reveal whether Saitama can beat a version of the Hulk.

Warning! Contains spoilers for One-punch man chapter 160!

The latest issue of One-punch man is about to decide the question of whether Saitama could beat his version of Pontoon. Saitama’s incredible level of power has led to much speculation as to whether the bald hero could beat the strongest characters from other franchises. While most of these debates are purely speculative, One-punch manThe Hulk’s Next Battle may be able to provide a more concrete answer to this question for the Hulk.

One-punch man is a manga written by ONE with illustrations by Yusuke Murata. It mainly focuses on the adventures of Saitama, a superhero who trained so hard that he went bald and gained the ability to defeat any enemy with a single punch. While it’s debatable whether Saitama can beat heroes like Superman or Goku, it’s clear that there are very few characters (if any) in the One-punch man who can defeat Saitama. One of the few who can potentially do this is the hero hunter Garou. Garou has increased his power level throughout the Monster Association arc and is now almost unrecognizable from when he was first introduced. And in the final chapter, it’s revealed that he may have an easy way to become even more powerful.


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In chapter 160 of One-punch man, Saitama easily knocks Garou back with a single punch. While that’s normal for Saitama’s fights, given how powerful Garou is, it’s still somewhat surprising. This applies both to the reader and to Garou himself. His shock at being beaten so easily quickly gives way to anger at Saitama for standing against him when he’s so close to his goal of becoming the ultimate evil in the world. This anger then causes him to transform into an even stronger form. Unfortunately for him, Garou’s ultimate obstacle is not Saitama, but a small child.

Garou's angry transformation.

The ability to use anger to grow even stronger is one of the signature characteristics of Marvel superhero Hulk. The upper limits of Hulk’s strength are astronomical, and he’s destroyed planets and rocked the multiverse with his mightiest blows. It’s unclear if Garou would also be able to perform such feats if his anger transformed him even more, but if ONE is basing his new bonuses on Hulk’s powers, then it’s very likely. Especially since Garou has already shown immense power in his previous, weaker forms. The fight between Saitama and Garou is one of the most anticipated in the series, so it’s exciting to see how this new transformation will change the battle.

Despite Garou’s growth, Saitama is still able to slap him easily at the end of this chapter. However, this may just make Garou even angrier and potentially trigger another transformation. Even if this is not the case immediately, it is clear that this fight is far from over. Given the parallels between Were and the Pontoon presented in this chapter of One-punch manthis fight can provide concrete evidence as to whether Saitama could actually beat the Green Avenger in a fight.

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