8 Naruto Characters Saitama Could Beat

Aside from Lord Boros, most monsters can’t handle a single punch from Saitama in One-punch man. Saitama yawns when hitting monsters, as he barely puts the slightest effort into his fights and always comes out victorious. Consequently, he finds his job as a hero boring and not fulfilling enough for him throughout the series.

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Place Saitama in the world of naruto would give him many tough opponents to face, such as Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha. However, there would still be several naruto characters that pose as little of a threat as the monsters Saitama faces. Simply put, Saitama’s speed and strength would provide overwhelming power to these characters.

8 Shikamaru’s intelligence sometimes doesn’t make up for his lack of physical strength.

Shikamaru has a reputation for winning fights using tactics in conjunction with his Shadow Possession Jutsu. Nevertheless, Saitama’s speed would allow him to avoid Shikamaru’s Shadow Possession Jutsu.

Saitama shows he can outrun fast characters such as Speed-o’-Sound Sonic while Shikamaru doesn’t have many speed feats. Also, Shikamaru doesn’t have many defensive options in his arsenal, so he can’t do much to protect himself from Saitama’s punch.

seven Tsunade and Saitama can hit hard but Saitama is faster

Like Saitama, Tsunade can shoot other characters with a single punch. She uses chakra to greatly amplify the force with which she strikes her opponents. Saitama has the speed to react and dodge Tsunade’s punches, but can Tsunade evade Saitama’s attacks?

Tsunade lacks the speed abilities to prove she can get out of the way in time to dodge. Tsunade can heal punches from Saitama, but at some point she is doomed to run out of chakra, leading to Saitama’s victory.

6 Izanagi can’t protect Danzo forever

Danzo can use Izanagi to temporarily grant him immortality. However, he can only use this ability a certain number of times, as he would eventually run out of Sharingan to use. Danzo also doesn’t have incredible fighting skills, as Sasuke could shoot him multiple times. Saitama simply has to exploit Danzo’s lack of durability to win the fight.

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Danzo’s arsenal has nothing that can deal significant damage as Saitama has the speed to evade his attacks. Saitama can hit him again and again until Danzo runs out of Sharingan to use and deliver the finishing blow.

5 Jiraiya’s Sage mode is not enough

Although Jiraiya is known as one of the Three Sannin, he cannot match Saitama’s sheer power. Sage Mode allows Jiraiya to boost his sensory abilities, but in his fight against Pain, he shows that he cannot react to multiple attacks. Also, if Saitama hits him, Jiraiya has nothing to revive himself.

Jiraiya can’t heal himself like Tsunade can, so it’s highly unlikely he’ll be able to survive a single punch from Saitama. Jiraiya’s sound-based Genjutsu wouldn’t work either, as Genjutsu requires disruption of the opponent’s chakra, which Saitama doesn’t have.

4 Samehada does not give the advantage to Kisame

Kisame is considered one of the strongest members of Akatsuki. However, the advantages it enjoys over other naruto characters do not apply to Saitama. For example, his sword, Samehada, can absorb opponents’ chakra, but Saitama doesn’t need chakra to fight.

Additionally, although Kisame’s Aquatic Prison Shark Dance technique allows him to drown his opponents in a massive dome of water, Saitama has the speed to dodge it or even knock Kisame before he can activate. the technique.

3 Gaara’s sand can’t protect him from everything

Gaara’s sand can move to shield him from any incoming attacks. However, at a certain point, the sand can’t keep up with the faster characters. For example, once Rock Lee takes off his weights during the Chunin Exams, Gaara’s sand can’t keep up and as a result, Lee lands several clean shots.

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Additionally, Gaara uses Ninjutsu as his primary method of attack while he rarely uses Taijutsu techniques. Therefore, Saitama would have the upper hand in close combat.

2 Deidara has nothing to stop Saitama

Deidara can attack from long range using his clay bombs, but Saitama can easily close the distance with his speed to force Deidara into close combat. Deidara’s C0 shouldn’t be a problem for Saitama either. Sasuke has time to summon Manda, put Manda in a Genjutsu, and hide to avoid receiving a killing blow from C0.

If Sasuke can do all of that before C0 can punch him, then Saitama has enough time to escape with his unparalleled speed. A single punch from Saitama should end the fight in seconds.

1 Neji’s soft fist is futile against Saitama

The purpose of the Gentle Fist is to block the flow of chakra from the opponent. Saitama has no chakra, so a lot of Neji’s attacks wouldn’t work. The Byakugan would allow Neji to see Saitama coming towards him from any direction except for a single small blind spot. But Neji has no feat that shows he can react to Saitama.

For example, Kisame is not known to be a fast character, but Neji does not react to the water prison jutsu from one of Kisame’s clones. Thus, it is highly unlikely that Neji will be able to escape Saitama’s attacks.

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