Goku vs. Saitama has already been settled by One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man and Dragon Ball fans constantly debate Goku vs. Saitama, but the stats don’t lie on who would have emerged victorious in the manga.

Comic book fans love to debate power levels, especially in the case of characters defined by their immense strength, such as dragonballit’s Goku and One-punch manit’s Saitama. However, many readers may not know that they already have all the information they need to determine who is the strongest.

Both Goku and Saitama have reached incredible levels of power through a mix of training and natural abilities. There is, however, a key difference between the two. Although he is the protagonist of his series, Goku is not the strongest character. He constantly encounters opponents more powerful than himself, thus being forced to exceed his limits and reach new heights. This is dragonball‘s defining trait, and it influenced the development of shonen manga for decades. On the other hand, One-punch man was imagined as a parody of series like dragonball, and it reverses their basic concept: the protagonist Saitama is extremely strong from the start, rather than at the end as is usually the case, leaving no room for further development. Despite this difference, thanks to the snippets of information provided during the two series, it is possible to compare the strength of the two protagonists and see who wins.


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Starting from raw physical strength, Goku’s is not easy to measure due to his transformations. In his base form, Goku is able to lift no more than 40 tons. Super Saiyan Stages 1, 2, and 3 multiply his strength by 50, 100, and 400 times respectively, making it 16,000 tons. It is unknown how much the next transformation, Super Saiyan God, increases the previous power, but the next stage, Super Saiyan Blue, increases the strength by an additional 50 times, so that Goku is able to lift a minimum of 800 000 tons. During a recent battle, Saitama revealed that he can carry a military aircraft carrier. Newer aircraft carriers used by the US Navy average 100,000 tons, so in this respect, Saitama’s stated minimum strength is much lower than Goku’s.

One Punch Man Saitama Wave

Moving on to speed, Goku can be calculated knowing that it took Goku 28 hours to complete the 625,000 miles of Snake Way in Dragon Ball Z, making it over 11,000 miles per hour. Multiplying that with the same Super Saiyan rate of increase used for strength, Goku’s speed in Super Saiyan 1 form is almost 335 million miles per hour, almost half the speed of light. Once Goku reaches his other power-ups, he can then easily move at light speed. Saitama has also shown impressive feats of speed: he can run on water (which requires at least a running speed of 80 km/h) and, even more impressively, he was able to travel from the Moon to Earth. (384,400 km) in a moment. If this time is factored into 1.5 seconds (it’s not clearly stated in the manga, however), that means Saitama is capable of traveling at a speed of 256,266 km/h (159,236 mph). This would make him much slower than Goku, even without taking into account the latter’s use of the instantaneous transmission technique. However, in terms of combat speed, they would likely be matched, as Saitama was able to dodge boulders thrown at near-lightspeed by the Geryuganshoop monster.

There are other factors to consider that work in Goku’s favor as well. Saitama is unable to fly or use energy-based attacks like Goku can. Additionally, the Saiyan possesses greater combat experience, having constantly trained and fought with the strongest warriors in the universe, while Saitama is unable to find anyone who can truly challenge him. However, for this same reason, Goku’s abilities are still expressed at their current maximum level, while Saitama’s lack of effort means readers have no idea of ​​his actual strength levels. Every calculation presented above is obviously an approximation, as comic book characters rarely adhere to the laws of physics, but from what has been revealed in One-punch man and dragonballLooks like Goku is greater than Saitama.

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