What makes Mob different from Saitama

A One-punch man has enjoyed great success since the self-published web manga began publishing in 2009. The series would get a remake in 2012, serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump with artwork by Eyeshield 21 mangaka Yusuke Murata. Although One-punch man is ONE’s best-known series, Mob Psycho 100 is equally funny while dealing with a completely different setting and characters.

Both series follow a similar plan; revolving around unassuming, overpowered tracks whose incredible strength is played for laughs. But that does not mean that the two protagonists are completely identical. In fact, there are many things that separate Saitama and Mob. Overpowered abilities aside, the two are written to be very different in their respective series.


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The typical ONE protagonist


Mob and Saitama share certain traits that indicate ONE’s writing style, namely how both possess god-like power compared to that of their peers and adversaries. Mob’s incredible psychic abilities and effortless way in which he deals with seemingly powerful foes plays out similarly to Saitama, with both characters serving as a comic foil to the grave events unfolding around them.

Like Saitama, Mob doesn’t seem to stand out as much as a typical main character when not engaged in combat. Its simple design makes it look quite mundane and lacks the presence of characters like Ritsu, Reigen, and Sho. While Mob Psycho 100 character designs are generally a little more grounded compared to eye-catching heroes and villains in One-punch man, the dynamic is preponderant in both series.

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The basic premise of One-punch man and Mob Psycho 100 is essentially the same. The world, abilities, characters, and their motivations may be different, but both tales focus on unassuming outsiders who are caught up in the narrative rather than influencing it. ONE uses these listless tracks in contrast to the incredible worlds around them, which in turn plays into the bizarre slapstick comedy that both shows are known for.

What makes Mob his own character


Mob and Saitama may look alike and play similar roles in their respective series, but they’re both very different people. Apart from the parallels between the two works, Mob Psycho 100 stands out as more than just a One-punch man clone thanks to Mob’s vastly different characterization throughout the series. Although he is just as overpowered as Saitama, the way Mob handles and approaches his abilities is very different.

Saitama is reserved, but more aloof in his daily life than Mob. The young esper is very gentle and socially awkward, showing a great deal of insecurity around strangers in everyday situations. Although lesser espers are shown to be much more confident with their abilities, Mob is so detached from this part of himself that he remains unfazed by his exceptional power. Rather than simply taking advantage of his natural talent, Mob instead seeks to improve himself by recognizing his shortcomings and working on them.

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Reigen, Ritsu, the Body Improvement Club, and many others help Mob grow throughout the series. Many secondary characters are drawn to Mob not because of his incredible strength – although that sometimes plays a role – but rather because of his kind personality and hardworking nature. It’s the various bonds Mob creates and develops throughout his journey that allow him to grow as a person while bringing out the best in himself as an esper.

While fans can point out some similarities between One-Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100, and their main characters, there is ultimately a lot that separates the two. ONE took the core concept of its early work and changed the dynamic of the series by focusing on a shy but outstanding main character with plenty of room to grow. While Mob may not have the comedic presence and effect that Saitama brings to the table, he’s a great character to root for and watch develop throughout his journey.

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